About Us

Formally known as Old South Marketing. We are a small family owned coin shop. We started in the 1980's in New Hampshire as J & S Stamps.
In 1992 we moved to Citrus County Florida and open a shop on highway 19 in Homassassa, Florida. At that point in time we were more focused on sports cards. When the bottom fell out on sports cards we closed down the store front and did shows and flea markets. 
In 2001 we re-open a shop in Dunnellon, Florida. Also about then was when Wade's Coins in Crystal River became available. We jumped and took it over.

After several years in Crystal River it was time for a change and we moved to the lovely downtown Inverness, FL.

As the world and it's economy change so have we and yet again we find ourselves making more changes. To our regret in April 2012 Bea, the founder of our company, and her husband Bob ended up in the hospital due to sever illness. So we were forced into a new direction. 

As of January 1st, 2013 we no longer have a store front. We have moved to a warehouse location. Although it will take time to be organized we've already seen better organization and able to fill orders faster.