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US Currency-Small Notes-Grading

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Grading-sight seen wholesale prices are for accurately graded notes – Certified or Raw.

Superb Crisp Uncirculated-67. A nearly flawless Note with perfect centering. Full wide margins all around. Colors are totally bright, crisp and vibrant. Quality is outstanding.

Gem Crisp Uncirculated-65. An almost perfect Note. Better than average margins. No aging or fading.

Very Choice Crisp Uncirculated-64. A bright Note slightly below Gem quality. Margins and color are above average. A Note that may have slight centering problems.

Choice Crisp Uncirculated-63. A nice new Note but note quite Gem. Centering may be a little off. May show some aging or light counting smudges or wrinkles.

Crisp Uncirculated-60. No trace of circulation. Can have centering problems, pin holes, counting smudges, wrinkles, close margins, or a corner tip fold (not into design).

Almost Uncirculated-50. (Almost new) These will be much the same as a “new” Note except for a single fold or several corner folds.

Extra Fine-40. Circulated; may have some folds; still has some crispness.

Very Fine-20. Some circulation; may show several folds and will have lost some of its crispness and color.

Fine-12. Well circulated with little crispness remaining; edges may be rough.

Very Good-8. Will be fairly well-soiled; may be significantly worn; might have roughness around the edges with only minute problems.

These are our added opinion:

Good-4. Note is below Very Good. May have edge problems, rips, ink and other problems.

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